Does Your Blood Sugar Need
Some Fast "First Aid"?

Dear Health-Loving Reader,

I know you’re doing your best to stay healthy.

You’re trying your darndest to eat right ... watch your weight ... take your vitamins ... and get enough sleep.

But are you overlooking the single most important health practice of them all?

I’m talking about...

Controlling Your Blood Sugar!

Doctors now realize that blood sugar is the #1 factor for good health and long life. Here’s why ...

Out-of-control blood sugar is linked to every serious degenerative disease on the Top 10 Killers list.

It’s a fact: Excess blood sugar harms every important organ in your body, including ...

Your Heart, Brain, Eyes, Kidneys -- Even Your Sex Life!

It’s a huge problem these days. And eating less sugar won’t protect you.

That’s because so many hidden sugars and sweeteners are being added to our foods today -- even the ones that aren’t supposed to be "sweet."

But there’s an even bigger problem which most people aren’t even aware of...

Many Carbohydrate Foods Spike Your Blood Sugar
-- Even When They Contain No Sweeteners!

Bread. Baked goods. Breakfast cereals. Pasta. Chips. Even white potatoes and rice. These and many other innocent-looking foods carry a dangerous secret...

They become blood sugar just as rapidly as if you ate pure table sugar!

Eating these high-carb foods can play havoc with your blood sugar and create serious health problems. And sometimes diet-and-exercise just isn’t enough to neutralize the threat for some people.

The Dangers of High Blood Sugar

So take my advice, if you want to protect your health, you’ve got to...

Get Control of Your Blood Sugar Now!

Up until now, this hasn’t been all that easy because...

You can’t always be sure if every food product you buy is safe for your blood sugar.

And, hey ... sometimes you really want a treat -- or a break from the "straight and narrow."

I understand. We’re only human. That’s why I created...

Gluco-Secure™ -- The Capsule That Ends
Your Blood Sugar Worries

You see, I don’t want you to worry or feel guilty about every meal or snack you eat.

You’ve got enough on your mind, don’t you?

So I created a capsule that contains the 7 most powerful non-prescription blood sugar-stabilizers known to scientific research.

I Call Them My "Magnificent 7"

Together, these natural compounds in Gluco-Secure act just like your body’s own insulin to pull excess glucose out of your bloodstream and normalize your levels.

And that’s a good thing -- because the less insulin your body must produce, the longer its natural supply will last.

Just One Gluco-Secure At Mealtime...

Finally, You Can Have "Blood Sugar Security"

Here’s what this means in practical, real-life terms...

How to Make It to 100:

Scientists recently surveyed 50,000 Americans who are 100 or older.

They wanted to know the secret of their longevity - and what they found certainly was surprising.

They all had three things in common for their age:

How about that! All three of these factors are linked to healthy levels of blood sugar and insulin!

And now you can have them too! Keep reading to see how...

A Product That Works!

I am an RN who has worked in hospitals for years and I became disenchanted with the treatments offered patients. The signs and symptoms are treated, but not the underlying disease, which is usually caused by lifestyle and poor dietary choices. When we discovered that Frank had a blood glucose of 200, we were very concerned. Frank changed his diet, started on vitamins and herbs, determined not to take prescription medications. He had moderate success, but continued to have a fasting blood sugar of 140-160 even though his post prandial blood sugars were 100 or lower. He tried different herbal preparations, liquid and capsules. I researched several different blood sugar combinations and single herbs and in my research, I could not find any herbal combination that utilized all the herbs in effective dosages found to decrease blood sugar. Frank was taking the Dr. Rowan blood sugar capsule, but his fasting blood sugar remained in the 140 range.

When I saw Gluco-Secure advertised I was determined to check the formulation. It was impressive in that it utilized all the herbals that I was looking for in a capsule. This was big news for us and we placed an order. Frank began using the capsules twice a day, and his blood sugar went up to 200 and higher! He was really disappointed, but said that he would stay on the capsules for a month. His blood sugar was still too high, and we called to talk to a representative. The gentleman was very nice, and said that we could send the remaining capsules back to the company for a full refund, but Frank didn’t want to give up. I told him to take 1 capsule with each meal (three times a day) for a week, and he did. We were pleasantly surprised that his blood sugar came down to 110-120. He continued taking the capsules three times a day for another week, and at one blood sugar check his reading was low! So we cut back to twice a day. His fasting blood sugar is now maintained at about 110-120 depending on his diet and how late he eats. This is the only herbal preparation that decidedly decreased his blood sugar and has kept it down.

Thank you for producing a product that works! We have shared this product information with others interested in other means to control blood sugar besides a prescription.


At Last! Better Blood Sugar Numbers without a Prescription

And just wait till your doctor sees your improvement!

No more lectures about your blood sugar. With Gluco-Secure, you can keep your levels normal and stable - 100% naturally - as part of your healthy lifestyle.

Now You Can Try It without Risking One Cent!

I’m so sure my new Gluco-Secure can help normalize your blood sugar, that I’ll let you try it for 30 days risk-free! Here’s my "no strings attached" offer to you...

Try Gluco-Secure for 30 days risk-free. Just pay $9.95 shipping and handling and we’ll send you a 60-day supply of Gluco-Secure. If you’re not utterly delighted your results by day 30, just call or email us, send me back the unused portion -- and we will never charge you another cent.

This is a 100% ironclad guarantee, so you can’t possibly lose.

As Easy As Taking a Vitamin Pill!

No other blood sugar supplement contains this many well-documented "natural sugar-busters" in one formulation.

Just one Gluco-Secure capsule at mealtime smoothes out your blood sugar and keeps it balanced until your next meal.

Now let me tell you about the "magnificent 7" ingredients I’ve put in Gluco-Secure to make it work so well...

Keeping you "in the pink,"
Dr. Alan Pressman
Alan Pressman D.C., D.A.C.B.N.

NOTE: Due to its powerful, glucose-lowering effects, consult a health care professional if you are on insulin or taking oral hypoglycemic agents, have high blood pressure, kidney or liver conditions, or are pregnant or lactating, before taking this product.

Tired? Grumpy? Craving sweets? Putting on too much weight? Gluco-Secure to Your Rescue...

Mother Nature’s "Magnificent 7" Natural Blood Sugar-Busters!

IT MAY SURPRISE YOU TO LEARN that certain plant compounds and minerals possess the ability to lower blood sugar in exactly the same way your body’s insulin does.

These amazing natural compounds open up the receptor sites of your cells and usher the excess blood sugar inside so it can be metabolized into energy.

This is crucial for your good health -- because if sugar remains in your bloodstream, it causes inflammation. This damages blood vessels, organs, tissues, and cells (literally "burning" them in the process called glycation) leading to cardiovascular problems, vision loss, and amputations.

And once that blood sugar enters your cells and brain, you’re going to feel more energetic, productive, and mentally sharp. Here’s how Gluco-Secure helps your body accomplish this...

Just One Gluco-Secure At Mealtime...

I Have Been Recommending Gluco-Secure to My Friends

Being the researcher that I am I tried another product that was touted as the ultimate in glucose lowering without drugs. While ordering and taking their product for a month I saw no results (zero--nada), I did more research and found that all the combinations which were listed individually on different sites were all inclusive with Gluco-Secure. I have been recommending Gluco-Secure to my friends with high blood sugar readings. Nobody knows your body better that you as an individual do. Know thy self. My blood sugar now allows me to cheat with sweets every now and then. Good job Wellformative.


Blood Sugar-Buster #1

Chromium: "The Mighty Mineral"

BETTER BLOOD SUGAR BEGINS HERE. Chromium is an important mineral that supercharges your body’s ability to remove glucose from your bloodstream.

In addition, chromium helps your insulin metabolize (burn off) fat ... aids in muscle-building ... and helps convert sugar into energy.

One researcher put it this way: "If chromium were a medication, it would make headlines as a wonder drug."

But if you’ve eaten a lot of sugar and carbs in the past, chances are your body needs more chromium. That’s because sugar consumption depletes it.

So does aging. Researchers find that chromium levels decline by up to 40% as we age. So if you’re having trouble controlling your blood sugar, more chromium can really help.

But which form of chromium should you be taking? Chromium polynicotinate is the most biologically active form of chromium, which is more absorbable by the body.

Gluco-Secure provides a full 200 mcg dose of chromium polynicotinate to help regulate your blood sugar and your cholesterol.

But that’s just the beginning of the "blood sugar-busters" it contains. Keep reading to discover why Gluco-Secure can make you feel 7 times more secure about your blood sugar...

Blood Sugar’s Secret Link to Tumors

Tumors use blood sugar as their primary fuel for growing and spreading. (This discovery won the Nobel Prize.)

Can eating too much sugar promote these tumors? The answer seems to be yes.

Blood sugar, you see, is highly inflammatory, creating harmful free radical molecules which damage DNA, initiating the tumor process.

Your best insurance is to keep your blood sugar in a healthy range with a good diet, regular physical activity, and a little help from Gluco-Secure.

Blood Sugar-Buster #2

Vanadyl Sulfate: Vital for Blood Sugar Security

MOST AMERICANS ARE MINERAL-DEFICIENT. And minerals are essential for health, healing, and essential metabolic functions.

One trace mineral is especially important for healthy blood sugar levels.

Its Name Is Vanadium...

And we simply aren’t getting enough of it from today’s foods. That’s why I made sure my research team added it to Gluco-Secure in its highly-absorbable form, vanadyl sulfate (VS).

VS acts just like insulin to remove excess glucose from your bloodstream and push it into your muscles and cells. And that’s important because...

High Blood Sugar Levels Can Make You Fat!

Left in your bloodstream, excess glucose turns into blood fats called triglycerides and are stored in your fat cells. This can lead to rapid weight gain and fatty tissue accumulation around your belly and hips.

Gluco-Secure helps fight this by assisting your body in converting blood sugar into energy -- so you have more "get up and go."

As a result, elevated blood sugar levels drop and your insulin levels also go down.

Studies published by the American Diabetes Association show that VS improves insulin sensitivity in people with elevated blood sugar.

But Mother Nature has some wonderful plants and herbs that have a remarkable effect on blood sugar, too. For instance...

Blood Sugar-Buster #3

Cinnamon: Your Blood Sugar’s Best Friend

THE WONDERFUL SPICE that gives apple pie its zing also regulates blood sugar.

It’s true! Cinnamon makes your body more responsive to insulin -- so excess glucose is removed from your bloodstream.

The active ingredient in cinnamon is a mouthful to pronounce: methylhydroxy chalcone polymer -- so I just call it MHCP for short. But what it does for your blood sugar is simply amazing:

Cinnamon Increases Glucose Metabolism
by Up to 2,000%!

Scientists have tested more than 50 plant extracts, but none came anywhere near MHCP’s fantastic effect on balancing blood sugar - and increasing your energy. For example...

When Dr. Richard Anderson gave two groups of patients with blood sugar problems either a capsule containing cinnamon or a fake pill (called a placebo), those taking the cinnamon showed...

Remarkable Reductions in Blood Sugar of Up to 29%!

Cinnamon helps your cardiovascular system, too. A recent study found that cinnamon significantly helps total cholesterol and lowers bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

Gluco-Secure contains Cinnulin PF™, a patented form of cinnamon that helps your body use its insulin supply more effectively, ensuring healthy glucose metabolism.

And that’s just the beginning of the natural "sugar-busters" in my breakthrough formula...

The 7 Benefits of Healthy Blood Sugar:

Blood Sugar-Buster #4

Gymnema Sylvestre: The "Sugar Destroyer"

THIS AMAZING HERB has been used for generations in India to help regulate their blood sugar. It’s so effective that its name means "destroyer of sugar."

Unlike cinnamon, which helps pull sugar out of your blood stream, Gymnema prevents glucose from getting into your bloodstream too quickly.

Together, They’re a One-Two Punch!

As your body digests sweets and refined carbohydrates, those sugars become small enough to cross through the walls of your intestines and enter your bloodstream quickly. As a result, your blood sugar shoots up.

But the "gymnemic acids" in Gymnema sylvestre actually slow the travel of sugar into your bloodstream. Result?

Less Sugar for Your Insulin to Metabolize

This means your blood sugar is better stabilized and controlled. And these findings are backed by vigorous clinical studies.

The Gymnema in Gluco-Secure also decreases the sensation of sweetness in many foods to help lessen your sugar cravings. You just naturally desire sweets less without struggle!

I’ve Seen Great Results with My Patients!

Gluco-Secure gives my patients much better control over their blood sugar levels.

You’ll have greater peace of mind knowing that each Gluco-Secure capsule delivers 200 mg of Gymnema sylvestre to help you naturally balance your blood sugar.

And it’s even more powerful because I’ve combined it with...

Blood Sugar-Buster #5

Bitter Melon: Like "Exercise" in a Capsule

PEOPLE ARE SURPRISED TO LEARN there are so many natural substances with powerful medicine-like properties. They forget that most modern drugs actually were derived from plants and herbs!

That’s why my research team has travelled the world to locate the most effective natural "blood sugar-busters." And...

Bitter Melon Is One of the Best!

Known as Momordica charantia, this tropical fruit contains a substance called lectin which lowers blood sugar concentrations and actually helps suppress your appetite.

You see, some people’s metabolism has difficulty in converting blood sugar into energy. This is partly because they don’t produce enough insulin -- and also because their fat and muscle cells don’t use insulin effectively. But bitter melon has been shown to produce...

The Same Effect on Blood Sugar as Exercise!

Scientists have identified four compounds in bitter melon which activate the same enzyme that physical exercise does to facilitate glucose uptake. This moves blood sugar out of your bloodstream and into your muscles where it can be converted into energy.

Proven in Scientific Research!

Nearly 100 in vivo studies have demonstrated bitter melon’s blood glucose-lowering effect. I’m so impressed by its remarkable ability that I just had to add it to Gluco-Secure.

Each one of these natural "blood sugar-busters" in Gluco-Secure exerts a profound glucose-lowering effect on its own. So perhaps you’re wondering ...

Why All of These"Magnificent 7"

THE REASON IS SIMPLE. Your blood sugar is metabolized along several different biochemical "pathways."

Glucose is the main fuel of your body and brain. So when it remains stuck in your bloodstream, your physical energy and mental functions suffer. You feel tired and can’t think straight. Left unchecked…

Your Brain Can Even Slip into a Coma!

That’s why the hormone insulin is so essential.

Insulin gets glucose out of your bloodstream and into your cells … your liver … your muscles …and your brain … where’s it’s needed most.

But sometimes your insulin needs help because it can’t do the job by itself.

That’s Where Gluco-Secure Can Help

The synergistic ingredients in each capsule perform its magic along multiple pathways for optimal glucose uptake. Gluco-Secure also assists insulin in opening your cells’ receptor sites so blood sugar can enter and be turned into energy.

These "Magnificent 7" ingredients target blood sugar at every level so you can be sure you’re covered.

The result is that you feel more energetic … more clear-headed … and satisfied, with fewer food cravings.

A "Blood Sugar-Buster" Like No Other!

You won’t find this many proven "blood sugar-busters" in any other product. That’s why Gluco-Secure is so effective and economical. Just one capsule is all you need!

Now let’s look at the other ways your health can benefit from Gluco-Secure

NOTE: Due to its powerful, glucose-lowering effects, consult a health care professional if you are on insulin or taking oral hypoglycemic agents, have high blood pressure, kidney or liver conditions, or are pregnant or lactating, before taking this product.

Let’s Put An End to Your
"Yo-Yo Blood Sugar!"

IT’S UP, IT’S DOWN… It’s wearing you out!

Bouncing blood sugar levels are bad news. They upset your moods … make it hard to focus … steal your energy … trigger overeating and weight-gain … disturb your sleep … and even affect your sex life.

Bring Them Down to Earth with Gluco-Secure!

I found that people sometimes try to treat these various symptoms individually, when they usually have a common cause: Up-and-down blood sugar levels.

I created Gluco-Secure to put an end to these problems with a single capsule.

Keep Your Blood Sugar in the "Safety Zone"

Here’s the extra help your metabolism sometimes needs to remain stable and secure. No mood swings … food cravings … tiredness and fatigue … irritability and jitteriness … and nervous over eating.

Wouldn’t it be great to kick these out of your life?

Now You Can, with Gluco-Secure!

This is your no-risk opportunity to experience how my new Gluco-Secure can help normalize your blood sugar! Here’s my "no strings attached" offer to you…

Try Gluco-Secure for 30 days risk-free. If you’re not utterly delighted your results by day 30, just call or email us, send me back the unused portion -- and you’ll pay nothing more than the original shipping and handling.

This is a 100% ironclad guarantee, so you can’t possibly lose. And if you order right now…

NOTE: Due to its powerful, glucose-lowering effects, consult a health care professional if you are on insulin or taking oral hypoglycemic agents, have high blood pressure, kidney or liver conditions, or are pregnant or lactating, before taking this product.

My experience with this company was excellent! I was concerned about making a purchase and wasting my money. As it turned out, I needed to call customer service. I found them to be very understanding and easy to deal with. I would not hesitate to make a purchase again.




Blood Sugar-Buster #6

Banaba Leaf: Mother Nature’s
"Insulin" Plant

THE SEARCH FOR NATURAL SUBSTANCES that can lower blood sugar has really intensified lately because of the great need. In the US alone, nearly 90 million people are concerned about their blood sugar.

On every continent my research team and I travel to, we find natural substances with the uncanny power to regulate blood sugar levels.

For instance, the people of the Philippines have relied on the banaba plant (Lagerstroemia speciosa) for hundreds of years to help their blood sugar.

The Plant That Works Just Like Insulin

Banaba’s glucose-lowering effect comes from its ability to transport blood sugar into cells just the way your body’s insulin does. In fact, this remarkable herb is frequently referred to as "the insulin plant."

Banaba’s secret lies in a natural concentration of corosolic acid, a compound which mimics the function of insulin by transporting glucose into cells and out of the bloodstream.

Scientists have tested this safe, inexpensive natural remedy in numerous clinical studies, and…

It Passed with Flying Colors!

Research shows banaba leaf is effective for lowering blood glucose – even in people with regularly high blood sugar! Other studies show that it also can aid weight loss if high blood sugar has led to obesity.

When I witnessed this amazing ability for myself, I knew I had to include banaba as one of the "Magnificent 7" ingredients in Gluco-Secure. Just one capsule brings you a full 50 mg dose to get the job done.

But I wasn’t done with my formulation because I also wanted to add…

Blood Sugar-Buster #7

Alpha Lipoic Acid:
The World’ Most Powerful Antioxidant!

HERE’S AN IMPORTANT INGREDIENT you won’t find in other blood sugar supplements: Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). Here’s why I absolutely had to add it to my Gluco-Secure …

Too Much Blood Sugar Is a Health Danger

You see, excess glucose is highly inflammatory and can damage artery walls, leading to serious cardiovascular problems and accelerated aging.

This is because glucose triggers free-radical activity which causes oxidation ("burning") of your cells and tissues.

Antioxidants are a class of vitamins that neutralize this harmful activity – and…

ALA Is the Granddaddy Of All Antioxidants!

ALA is a powerful "blood sugar-buster" in its own right – but its benefits go far beyond that.

Unlike other antioxidants, which work only in water (such as vitamin C) or fatty tissues (such as vitamin E), ALA is both fat- and water-soluble. So it’s always working throughout your body -- all the time.

ANOTHER BONUS: Free radicals deplete your reserves of protective antioxidants, but ALA can regenerate them, restoring their defensive activity!

Helps Relieve Pain, Too

When nasty free radicals damage nerve tissue, it can really hurt (especially in the legs and feet). So here’s another way ALA can help…

My patients have found blessed relief using ALA. That’s why I put a generous dose of it in Gluco-Secure.

Are you ready to give my wonder-working Gluco-Secure a no-risk try? Let me prove how well it can work for you -- or you’ll pay absolutely nothing for it…

My Special Introductory Offer to You…

Try Gluco-Secure Without Any Risk!

I’m so sure my new Gluco-Secure can help normalize your blood sugar, that I’ll let you try it for 30 days — completely at my risk! Here’s my "no strings attached" offer to you…

Try Gluco-Secure for 30 days risk-free. If you’re not utterly delighted your results by day 30, just call or email us, send me back the unused portion -- and you’ll pay nothing more than the original shipping and handling.

This is a 100% ironclad guarantee, so you can’t possibly lose. And if you order right now…

Now you can try Gluco-Secure™ RISK-FREE with these

Special Introductory Savings

YES, Dr. Pressman! I want to get off the "blood sugar yo-yo" and enjoy the security and peace of mind that comes with stable, normal glucose levels. Let me try your Gluco-Secure with absolutely NO RISK at the Special Introductory Savings option I’ve selected below. (Click your choice below…)

Try Gluco-Secure for 30 days risk-free.
Pay just $9.95 shipping and handling and you’ll receive a 60-day supply of Gluco-Secure. If you’re not utterly delighted the results by day 30, just call or email us, send us back the unused portion -- and we will never charge you another cent. If you love the wonderful improvements in your health and energy level that Gluco-Secure provides – and want to continue enjoying them, you’ll be billed for the 60 day supply at our Special Introductory price.

THIS IS A 100% SECURE WEBSITE! You must place your order on this page to qualify for this special offer. Ordering online is 100% safe and secure.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

My 100% "Secure" Guarantee to You:

I guarantee that my Gluco-Secure will help you achieve healthier blood sugar levels naturally—plus improved insulin function … fewer food cravings … increased energy … and brighter moods.

There is no risk. Please try Gluco-Secure with absolutely no obligation. You must be utterly delighted with your results -- or I’ll see that you receive a FULL REFUND, less shipping and handling, with no questions asked.

THIS IS A 100% GUARANTEE. Even after the last capsule in your very last bottle is gone, you can still request and receive a full money-back refund!

Dr. Alan Pressman

Doctor to the Stars

About Dr. Alan H. Pressman D.C., D.A.C.B.N.

Dr. Alan H. Pressman is a Chiropractor, Board Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist, and popular author. He is also the host of the highly-acclaimed radio program, Healthline (WWRL 1600 AM, New York City) that brings life-changing health information to millions of listeners.

Dr. Pressman fervently believes that many of today’s serious health challenges and ills can be prevented and reversed through therapeutic nutrition and alternative (natural) health care treatments.

Referred to as the "Doctor to the Stars," Dr. Pressman has interviewed many of the world’s leading health experts and noted authorities, including Deepak Chopra and Dr. Robert Atkins. Numerous celebrities have turned to Dr. Pressman for personal health and nutrition advice, including Julia Roberts, Kim Catrall, Susan Sarandon, Bernadette Peters, Ted Danson, Barry Bostwick, Neil Simon and Lauren Bacall.

In addition, Dr. Pressman is the author of various books on alternative health care including The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vitamins; The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Alternative Medicine; Physicians’ Guides to Healing: Treating Digestive Conditions; St. John’s Wart: The Miracle of Medicine; Physicians’ Guides to Healing: Treating Asthma, Allergies & Food Sensitivities; The GSH Phenomenon: Nature’s Most Powerful Antioxidant & Healing Agent; Physicians’ Guide to Healing : Treating Hypertension & Other Cardiovascular Conditions; and Physicians’ Guide to Healing: Treating Gynecological Conditions, among many others.

Dr. Pressman is currently the Director of the Gramercy Health Association in New York City, and maintains a thriving private practice. He has appeared on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, MSNBC, CNBC, WOR Radio, ABC Radio, WMCA Radio, and WEVD Radio. His health advice has been quoted in the Daily News, New York Post, Dance Magazine, and the New York Times.